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hello, everyone! it's luna from perfect homes. and today i'm going to be showing you this beautiful house within the nature in saraphi, chiang mai. let's go and check it out. and now we're inside the house. as you can see, the first thing you'll notice

is this big, beautiful fish tank. and on your right side is the living area. it is very spacious, very beautiful. you can see the view outside. so this house has a total space of 350 sq. m. and 285 sq. wah. it is surrounded by nature.

very beautiful and relaxing. and here is the dining area. again, you have this beautiful fish tank. and you have this beautiful table, chairs. everything is well-furnished and decorated beautifully. and now we're in the kitchen. you have everything you need here. gas stove, the oven,

induction fan, the sink, refrigerator, and the oven. and it is quite spacious. you can cook. looks really lovely. and this is another living area. you can also sit and have a drink, which is really nice. and now let's go check out the outdoor

living area surrounded by nature. it is very nice. you can sit outside in the evening or in the morning, get some sun and have a drink and chit-chat. and for the second floor... this house, excluding the guest house, has two bedrooms and three bathrooms. and i'm going to be showing you

the office room first, which you can always change into another bedroom or a relaxation room. and right opposite the office room, you have this beautiful bathroom. you walk in, you have the sink, a big mirror, toilet, and also bathtub.

and for the first master bedroom, as you can see, you have this big bed. you a lot of big windows to look at the view outside. really nice and quite spacious. also, your personal closet is over there. and the special part of this bedroom

is that you have this door where you can go to the outdoor living area. really nice. this is also connected to the second master bedroom. and for the second master bedroom, you have this big, beautiful bed. all furniture have unique, beautiful details.

and let me show you the bathroom! once you walk into the bathroom, you have this closet on your left side, sink and mirror on your right side. the shower is separate from the bath tub. looks really nice and fancy. so we're done for today. i hope you guys enjoyed the video.

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