Monday, August 20, 2018



so, we're installing this nice wide clickfloor here, and we've got one two three four rows in. and what you have to do is square out those first rows with these spacers at the wall, because you've got to keep them pretty straight. and then, in order to get these wide ones put together, you put all the butt end joints together, and we're cutting that one right now. you can probably hear it.

the underlayment we used in here was an old, it had an old indoor outdoor carpet onhere that was in pretty good shape, and pretty level. there was just one bump in it, i hammered the nails down. but, what the main trick on this is, you have to put the whole row in at once, so you put your end joints in, and then you tip up the whole row, and slide it in. and after you're in, then you can take the,

i bought one of these kits here. you can probably use anything, but i take a spacer and i just give it a tap like that once it's in, to tighten it up. so, we've got the row in, and now we've got it, as you can see, we've got it tipped up, and we're just going to let it go down in. so, there we go, a little bit tight on that end, so we'll have to tap that in. there, i think it went a little better. there we go,

and again, you have to remember to keep those joints the same because this is a tile line on this one. so, a couple of other things, it's important to lap half and half here, or something at least a foot, so that you get the strength out of the lateral movement of this, or the lateral strength by varying the coursing. and we're at our door. we're going to tip the next section in.

so, you want to tighten things up a little bit, so that's how you do it, right there. can you show me that piece? that's the block that is sold with the install kit. i used to use a piece of the material itself, but it seemed like it would shatter up and make a mess on the underlay, so this is much better. it doesn't shatter. anyway, we're all nice and tight, and we've got quite a bit of floor laid here.

we're going to do some more. closed captioning by kris brandhagen.